What the Heck is a Health Coach?

My Wellness Approach: I embrace a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your ...


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What Healthy People Do That Other’s Don’t Do

 What Healthy People Do That Other’s Don’t Do. OUCH!  Yes, I said ...

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Scared of Food Coloring? DIY All Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Spring is here!  Which means Easter is just a hop a way!  And for all of you who dye Easter eggs for your kids, your families or just yourself, I came across this easy way to dye those eggs without using artificial food coloring and dyes.   Scared of Food Coloring?  You Should Be! Why […]

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Clean and Lean in 2015!

Hello Friends!  This year has zipped by and I’ve been making many changes with my website, my education and my job.  However, with all the changes and new updates,  I am ready to manage the damage and  shake off some of those bad habits that have crept up over past year and this holiday season! […]

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4 Easy Steps to Start Now for a Greener New Year

4  Easy Steps to Start Now for a Greener New Year The New Year is here and with all the New Year’s Resolutions floating around, I find it is easy to be overwhelmed.   I don’t  like resolutions or goals that are too complicated, not sustainable, or unrealistic.  Yet each year, I feel like we […]

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Why Take Care of Your Things?

Author’s note: I feel like I need to preface this entry with the statement, that I am a new blogger.  I was concerned with not knowing all the rules/guidelines or tips to blogging.  Do I write one paragraph or can I write many? Should my comments be short, formal or can I just write like […]

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Green Isn’t For Sissies

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  Many of you join in celebrating with the wearing of the green, or a little green cheer on this day! My mother was Irish so I always feel a tug to give this day a little more attention.  As a Holistic Health Coach, and Wellness Consultant for a Green Health […]

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What’s the big deal about organic food?

Okay, so this whole ORGANIC thing…..Why do I want to eat organic? What’s the big deal about organic food? Does it REALLY make THAT much of a difference? But doesn’t it cost more? How can I tell the difference in the store between organic and conventional foods? These are questions that I hear all the […]

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Be Grateful. Be True. Honor Your Intentions.

My second post on being Grateful  is all about being honest with yourself.  No cheats, no lies, no stories made up.  All things we wouldn’t do to others but do to ourselves, sometimes on a daily basis. And this is actually a pretty big topic, but I will keep it brief. Be True to You. […]

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My first year In Hawaii: 7 Days of Gratitude

Hello November!  Blessings and Gratefulness is what this month is all about!  This is the month where many focus on blessings, what they are thankful for and  a time to reflect on the past and present the Good as we approach Thanksgiving.  With that said, I am going to post for the next 7 days, […]

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Why Mother’s Day is hard for Women like Me

Aloha!  Today as the sun is getting ready to set on this Mother’s Day, and as I am sitting out on the deck, watching the sun slowly start to descend, I raise my glass to toast all the Mom’s out there! And I raise my glass to say, “You are special too” to all the […]

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3 Ways to Lose the Stress and Be more Flexible!

Aloha! Okay, so how can you up and move to an Island and not be stressed? That’s exactly what my husband and I did. At 50, we rented our house, packed two suitcases each and moved from Oklahoma to Hawaii.  My close friends were stunned and amazed that we did this and even more amazed […]

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Can You Change Your Life at 40 or 50? Yes. You. Can.

Aloha everyone!  Some of you know that I decided to change careers mid 40’s and then at 50 moved across the fruited plains plus crossed the ocean blue to live in Hawaii.  Was this easy? No. Crazy? Maybe. The jury is still out with many people.  lol!  However, I am here to say….  Can You […]

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The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil. How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways.

What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Oil? I am all about the Coconut for many reasons.  The first is because I believe the coconut to be an amazing food and medicine.  I have heard it termed the Perfect Food with so many health benefits added to it’s name.  The second reason is because I believe […]

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